Some FAQs concerning Servant’s Heart…

How does Servant’s Heart work?
We come along side individuals and ministries with tangible needs to assist them in the rebuilding or advancing of their property, so they can be freed up to respond to God call.

Do you help any Church or nonprofit?
We are willing to sit and talk with any Church or non profit to see if our ministry is a good fit for them and likewise for us.

Do we help all individuals needing help?
The quick is answer no; we serve to help those that are either in a time of a drastic situation or in relationship with one of our members or requested by the leadership of one of our partnerships. We are willing to hear the needs of anyone and consider helping but can’t guarantee help to everyone.

Do you do paid jobs for a donation?
Servant’s Heart has done some for profit jobs but we don’t do many of those projects each year and the ones we tackle usually have a bigger purpose behind them.

Are you your own 501 C3 or nonprofit?
Yes we are but our goal is to connect churches with their gifts so we can make a difference in people’s lives through the power of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is to remain a ministry of churches as much as possible and build up the local church.

Do you need to have construction skills to help?
No; the only requirement for helping is a servant’s heart. Most of our volunteers are not in the trades for a living.

Do I have to go to Cornerstone Christian Church to get involved?
No; our aim is to connect all Christians to their gifts and develop relationships with many churches.

Do we buy all the material for these projects?
No; we don’t buy all the material for these projects but many times we do contribute.

How can I donate?
All donations are tax deductible and can be made out to Servants Heart Ministry. We use all of our funds to help in buying tools, material, gas, food to serve in our community.

How you connected to Cornerstone?
Servants Heart is setup as a separate 501c3 but we are also a ministry of Cornerstone Christian Church and offer people locally a chance to serve in their communities from many churches in the area.

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