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Our willing volunteers set us apart, and our faithful givers are what make everything possible.

If you’re ready to give to a local organization where you know where your money goes, Servant’s Heart is fertile ground for sowing your seed. Your tax-deductible dollars make a visible impact in the area you live, a monumental legacy that lasts for generations.

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Support – Industry Partners

We are always appreciative of those who give of their time and skill to be a part of the blessing that Servant’s Heart aims to be to those in our surrounding communities. Though time and skills are always needed and desired, we cannot ignore the fact that finances also play a role in providing service to others. If you would like to partner with us and donate to our mission, we would greatly appreciate it.

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For each project, we require various materials, tools and resources for completion. If you own a business or organization, click here to see how you can partner with us to make a difference in this area.

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There’s no greater reward than blessing others with the hard work of your hands. We always have life-changing opportunities ready for individuals, groups, or church groups – places where you can exchange your time and skill to bless our Northern New Jersey family. If you’d like to join us for an upcoming outing, please contact us.

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