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The men and women of Servant’s Heart have really touched our community with the very own heart of Jesus. Every Saturday for the last two months they have embraced us with their commitment to our children. We believe that the relationship God has built between us and Servant’s Heart will launch us into our future. We are so looking forward to many more years of networking and fellowship with these great men of God.

Charles Salinas

Renovation Projects

As the backbone of our mission, we partner with local organizations to make an impact in their communities through renovation projects. We come alongside individuals and ministries with tangible needs to assist them in the rebuilding or advancing of their property. Using our team of skilled volunteers, our website’s fundraising platform, and our community of business partners, we offer free labor, fundraising services, and materials towards our partners’ renovation needs. Through these projects, we equip these organizations to advance their work in the community and empower their vision for their city.

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Hesed House

Hesed House raises up individuals to serve, and sets them on a path for leadership, through skill development, spiritual encouragement, and communal living.

While Servant’s Heart has always been committed to empowering leaders by meeting their organizations’ renovation needs, through Hesed house we‘re focused on investing in the next generation of leaders. By inviting them onto the Servant’s Heart team, supporting them through housing with like-minded individuals, and maximizing their potential to serve, we seek to equip and empower individuals to be leaders who will then positively impact their community.

Our home for young women working full-time in community development, where we seek to empower each individual’s passions and vision for their community, while developing their leadership skills as they work together to meet the needs of their community through relational community projects, such as bible studies, youth nights, fundraisers, mentoring, hosting community events, and acts of service in support of local organizations.

Click below to learn about our partnership with Midland Park Christian Reformed Church, and how this house came into our hands

Project History

We’re currently looking to replicate our women’s home, for young men, but we’re still in the development process, awaiting the necessary funds, facility, and staff. If you have any interest in partnering with us, or would like more information on this project, we’d love to here from you!

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Hesed or Chesed (heh’-sed)

a tenacious, steadfast, and persistent love; “a love that won’t let go”

The Hebrew word is commonly translated in English as “steadfast love” or “loving-kindness.” Hesed is the word used to describe God’s steadfast, persistent, and sure love in His faithfulness to His covenant-people, Israel, despite their waywardness. It speaks to God’s covenant relationship with us, through which He is abundantly faithful and sure, even while we are not; and it is the heart of Hesed House’s mission to love a community unconditionally by inviting them into our home and the Servant’s Heart family.

Help us build up the next generation of servants

Training School

Servant’s Heart’s latest initiative is currently in the fundraising process, awaiting the necessary materials, facility, and teaching staff. Our training school will offer free education to those having a desire to work in a trade, covering a diverse range of vocations and offering certifications, such as first aid, CPR, and OSHA training. Each program will span approximately 3 months, and allow Servant’s Heart a chance to make a difference through mentoring and education, empowering the next generation of trades professionals.

To make this vision a reality, we’re in need of you’re help! If you are a skilled professional interested in volunteering, a business owner seeking to donate materials or services, or an individual desiring to give financially, we’d love to connect with you.

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